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How do I know if a property is suitable for my needs?

As far as we are able, we show all the standard facilities a property has on offer, i.e. parking, restaurant, swimming pool etc. If you are wondering about a facility which is not shown then please assume the property does not have it or it is not available as standard or at the shown price. For specific enquiries please contact us.

How do I find out how much my reservation will cost?

To obtain the actual price and a nightly breakdown of the costs enter:-
  • the date you intend to Arrive
  • the number of nights you wish to Stay
  • the number of rooms against each room type you will need for your party.
and click the button. You will then be presented with a detailed breakdown of the actual cost of your stay.

How do I make my reservation?

If you wish to proceed with your reservation, with the Proceed with Reservation checked, just complete and submit the Booking Form. You will receive an email confirming your instructions which you may like to review. If you are not sure ehether to proceed you can forward this quote to youself or a friend by checking the Send Quote to Friend

What happens when I submit my reservation request?

This site does not have live availability. Therefore, the fact that your request shows a price does not mean it is definitely available. When you submit the request you will immediately receive an acknowledgement. If the booking request is successful we will subsequently debit your card and email you a confirmation. If the booking request is unsuccessful we will contact you by phone or email, and where possible suggest alternatives. We will not proceed with any alternative without your agreement. Your card will not be debited until a booking has been made. NB: If you have submitted your credit or debit card details we will always reply. If you have not heard from us it is important that you do not presume that we have not processed your booking. It is more likely that our email communications have failed or not been delivered. In this case please phone us on ++44(0)1689882500 and ensure that you obtain a response.

Can I check availability before submitting the booking request?

Yes, just phone us on above numbers during our office hours (Monday-Friday 09:30-17:30 and Saturdays 09:30-14:30). For some properties we will be able to tell you instantly, whilst others may be On Request from our suppliers.

When is payment due?

For some properties you pay in advance, for others you pay a deposit at the time of booking and you pay the balance on arrival at the property. See individual properties' "Payment Terms" with the notes below the prices.

For properties where the terms are "Before arrival", full payment is required at the time of booking if it is for within 6 weeks of the first day booked or the booking is for under €100. Otherwise, your card will be debited 15% and the balance will be due 6 weeks before the first day booked. You will receive a confirming invoice showing the amount paid, the amount outstanding and the date by which it is due.

For properties where the terms are "Deposit, balance on arrival" you will only be debited the deposit shown at the time of booking. The balance you will have to pay at the property. You will receive a confirming invoice showing the amount paid and the amount outstanding to be paid at the property. Please note whether credit/debit cards are or are not accepted at the property. Please also note that, in accordance with the properties' cancellation policy, your card may be debited by the property or us if you do not show up or you cancel within the prescribed time.

How do I know if my reservation has been made?

Once your reservation is accepted you will be sent an email confirming the details of your reservation with a Booking Ref. In all further dealings concerning this reservation this Booking Ref should be quoted. Likewise, if for any reason your reservation is rejected you will be notified by email.

Special Requests

We will always pass on your requests to the properties, but please bear in mind that they are not guaranteed. Please make any requests known at the time of booking. If your request is absolutely essential please make it a condition of your booking and we will try to obtain a guarantee from the property. Please then ensure that we confirm it to you in your booking confirmation.

How do I alter or cancel a reservation?

If you need to alter or cancel a reservation please either telephone us on 01689882500 or email your instructions to us.

To see details of our Alteration and Cancellation Charges please see our Booking Conditions . Important: If you telephone to alter or cancel please ensure you obtain an Alteration/Cancellation Number. If you write to us or email us please ensure you receive a response.

Are my credit card details secure?

Communication of payment information is performed using Secure Socket Layers (SSL). This technology encrypts the information before it is sent to our server.

This precaution not withstanding, all payment information is removed from our web server at regular interval thus eliminating the physical link between the internet and this data.

Hotels: When can I Arrive? When must I leave?

You can check in at most hotels as from 2.00 p.m. You are normally expected to leave by 11.00 a.m. If you leave before 7.30 a.m you may not be able to obtain breakfast (although most hotels at the Channel ports are organised to serve very early breakfast). Unless there is a 'Night Porter' service, if you are unavoidably delayed you must telephone the hotel before 10.00 p.m to inform them of your late arrival and obtain your room number and instructions. (You do not have to telephone the hotel if you told us of your estimated time of arrival at the time of booking.) The system for dealing with late arrivals varies from hotel to hotel. Sometimes the main door of the hotel is left unlocked and the key left in the lock of the bedroom door. However, you must let them know you are definitely coming or they may not answer the bell. Some hotels have an electronic system. To operate this and obtain your entry code you need to know the 'Reservation Code'. (Hotels cannot normally give the 'Reservation Code' until the actual day of arrival). We regret we are unable to claim refunds from hotels for unused accommodation.

B&Bs: When can I Arrive? When must I leave?

As these are private houses you do not have the same flexibility in your arrival times as with hotels. We, therefore, advise clients to plan to arrive between 4.00 p.m and 7.00 p.m (6.00 p.m if you have arranged to eat there). If you arrive earlier you may be alright but, if the owners are out, you may have to wait. If you arrive later, you should be OK up to about 9.00 p.m. but please do not plan it that way. Apart from the inconvenience to the owners you may have difficulty in finding the houses in the dark. If you are unavoidably delayed, you will have to telephone your hosts to inform them of your estimated time of arrival. You should vacate your rooms by 11.00 a.m on your departure date.

Apartments: When can I Arrive? When must I leave?

All apartments are officially available from 17:00. In practice, however, most apartments are normally ready by 12:00. If you are due to arrive at the resort before 17:00 please inform us and we will inform the suppliers who will do their best to have your apartment ready for your arrival. However, this cannot be guaranteed, as sometimes extra cleaning or repairs are necessary between lets, or there are too many changeovers on the day. You must vacate the apartment by 10:00 on your departure date. Failure to do so may result in you losing your deposit. If you have a late flight consider booking an extra day so that you can keep the apartment until you leave the resort. Alternatively, if you only need somewhere to leave your luggage for a few hours, enquire at the key collection point (agency or reception) and they will usually offer you a solution. However, the apartments do not have any official place for leaving luggage and wherever you leave it it will be at your own risk. If you are leaving very early, before the reception or agency opens, contact them beforehand to arrange the return of your deposit and find out where you should leave the keys.

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